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Disciples for Christ is a multi-cultural congregation of believers in agreement to the movement of the Church Of God. We are "Reconciling the World to God with the Love of Christ" by nurturing, equipping, and developing people with the Word of God, through the Blood of Jesus, and by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Plan

Our plan is to thrive as a N.E.D. Ministry within DFC that not only is the catalyst in fulfilling the overall Mission and Vision of the church but also in completing the "goals" successfully. The philosophy of our N.E.D. Ministry is to encourage, educate and elevate. We believe that with a N.E.D. Ministry mindset, saints will not only affirm their faith in God but also experience their faith as "Spirit-filled" believers.


We must take time to encourage people with the Word of God.


We must commit to educate people about the Blood of Jesus.


We must elevate people to fulfill God's will, HIS plan and purpose for their lives by the Power of the Holy Spirit.


Get to heaven by being ready when Christ returns, Take as many people as possible with us, Enjoy life abundantly - Now, Build a multicultural worship center in Winslow Township, NJ, Build a multicultural community center in Winslow Township, NJ


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